The Wide Reading Programmes provided by the library can earn you rewards and prizes for all the books you read!


Not only that, it can help and guide you in choosing a variety of literature or genre, encourage you to set reading goals and foster a love of books and reading for life.


Everything you need to know about the Wide Reading Programme is contained in our the booklet where you track and record your reading.  You can take a look and print your booklet by clicking on your level book to the right or call into the library and pick up a booklet ready to go.


The choice of books you make for your Wide Reading is still totally up to you and you can read your own books, books from our library or another library, eBooks and audiobooks!


If you have any questions about the Wide Reading Programme just ask any of the library staff or contact the library.


We have created some lists to help you get started choosing books for your wide reading, click on the button below to go to our library catalogue, select OTHER SEARCHES then LISTS from the left hand menu and look for the icons pictured below.



Click on the WR book cover below to download your own booklet or call into the library desk and pick up a copy.

Year 4 and 5

Year 6

Year 7 and 8

Year 9

Below are some links to reading lists that might help you select extended texts for your NCEA wide reading standards.


Our StAC library catalogue also has some theme lists and general lists to help - click on the 'search the library' button above and select OTHER SEARCHES and LISTS from the left menu bar.


Remember to check the suitability of your chosen title with your English teacher to ensure it is suitable to fulfill the requirements of your standard.


If you need any help in finding a suitable text, please call into the library and any of the library staff can help you.