Tips for Better Research

Go to page with buttons and two videos, and a box. I have hand-sketched an outline.

What are Databases and Why You Need Them (video on this page)

Evaluating Sources with the CRAAP Test – video (video – on this page) This is the new one found for Beyond Google.

Evaluating Information with the CRAAP Test – pdf

Primary and Secondary Sources Explained

Power Searching with Google  - for REALLY honing your search skills

Writing a Bibliography – box, with the following:

A bibliography is a list of all the resources you used in your research. It can include books, articles, websites, interviews, speeches, etc. It usually appears at the end of your research report.

Talk to your teacher about whether you need to use a specific format (APA, MLA, or Chicago). One of these tools can help you write your bibliography according to that format: