EPIC is a group of e-resources which hold thousands of reference works, images, magazine articles, sound and video clips and are updated daily.  These resources are in the 'deep-web' and are not available through regular internet searching.


The EPIC group of databases cover a wide range of curriculum topics and you may need to search in more than one to find the information you need.  For the St Andrew's College EPIC password, email the library or ask at the library desk.


World Book Online Encyclopedia is an excellent place to start your research for a brief overview of your topic.


WB Online has three levels which caters for all students.  Click on the icon above to enter the WB site - you can get the St Andrew's College WB password by emailing the library or ask at the library desk.


Britannica Online Encyclopedia is another good source for starting your research.


Britannica provides three levels of access, primary, middle and secondary.  You will need the EPIC password to enter the site - email the library or ask at the library desk.